Joel Paglione

Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Joel attended the University of Windsor graduating with an Honors Degree in Industrial Manufacturing Engineering. He went on to graduate with a Masters of Business Administration from Odette School of Business. Besides his invention and patenting of the "Magnetic Necktie", the "Oak Bottle", and the creation of the "Blunt Neck" clothing design and company, Joel's other accomplishments include his work in the Defense division of a fortune 500 truck and engine manufacturer where he managed the operations of all military and defense programs and was responsible for the manufacturing of Armored Vehicles for the US Military and other NATO allies many in support of ground troops for the Afghan and Iraq War. His company developed the world's most survivable Mine Resistant Armored Protected (MRAP) vehicle with their proprietary "V-shaped hull" that deflects the energy of the IED explosion underneath the vehicle. Since 2007, nine thousand of his MRAPs have been fleeted and protecting soldiers from I.E.D. and R.P.G. strikes in Afghanistan, Iraq and other conflict areas across the world. His passion and experience in solving real world problems, whether big or small, is rooted in who he is and what he believes in.